Many people don’t think manufactured homes and solar power is a good fit, but they are. Modern manufactured homes are built in factories according to well-crafted plans with all the construction materials. As a result, they are a model of efficiency in both construction and design. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a manufactured home and equipping it with solar panels.

  1. Manufactured homes are well insulated. They are built to excellent HUD specifications for quality, and the R-value of their insulation is often higher than those of site-built homes. There is also the option to increase/upgrade the R-Values of the insulation beyond the standard quantity/amount – not only can you add more insulation in the walls, you can also add to the floor and ceiling.
  2. Every manufactured home comes standard with dual pane windows. Dual pane windows are an incredible added insulating factor in any manufactured home.
  3. Solar panels provide some passive shade for your roof. There is an air gap between the solar panels and the roof allowing airflow that cools both the panels and the roof. In addition, solar panels reflect some of the heat, convert some of it into electricity, and emit heat away from your home.
  4. In hot climates, air conditioning (AC) is a primary electrical expense. The solar panels will provide a passive cooling effect reducing the base temperature of your home, but they will also lower or eliminate the cost of running your system. It is tempting to not use your AC on days when it isn’t sweltering to save money, but if the cost of running the system is free, this will not impact your decision to run it and fully enjoy your home.


  1. Hotter climates like Arizona also have a lot of sunshine available. This regular sunlight means your solar panels will have plenty of light to create electricity. Solar panels work in all conditions but generate the most energy on sunny days, which Arizona has in spades.
  2. If your home’s roof is not strong enough to carry the weight of solar panels, you can build a trellis attachment, garage, or storage shed to place the panels on. This provides functional space and a place for the solar panels to sit. Also, you could just set up a structure for the sole purpose of housing the panels if you have restrictions on space.
  3. Additionally, if you know you are going to install solar panels, you can increase/upgrade the “snow load/roof load” or strength of the rafters/roof on the manufactured home so the roof will be able to support the weight of the solar panels. Check with the solar panel company for the snow load/pounds per square foot required for the roof to support the solar panels.
  4. There are many federal/state incentives and tax programs available to encourage the use of solar panels. Installing them will save you on your energy bill and tax time. Sometimes, rebates or subsidies are known to lower the cost of installing a system.
  5. If you install batteries, your solar panels will provide energy day and night, providing independence from the electric grid.
  6. The combination of solar panels and a high-quality insulated manufactured home will deliver a comfortable climate-controlled environment on even the hottest days with little operating costs. This investment will pay dividends in comfort and savings.