Surprisingly, your mobile home’s exterior door ranks among the most crucial aspects of maintaining your mobile home. It acts as the frontline of defense against the elements while making a significant first impression on visitors. Therefore, ensuring that your mobile home front door meets the security, style, and value criteria is paramount. Let’s explore some essential tips for getting the most out of your mobile home exterior doors.

1. Storm Door Tips and Tricks

Let’s begin by emphasizing the importance of a mobile home storm door for your facade. These doors often feature glass and screen panels, allowing you to switch between them as the seasons change. Glass panels offer protection against moisture, wind, and insects, while screens provide fresh air during warmer months.

A crucial feature of mobile home storm doors is the “wind chain.” This short chain with a spring is typically mounted at the top of the storm door, acting as a buffer against strong winds. It prevents your storm door from unexpectedly flying open and potentially damaging the door frame or other components.

2. Seasonal Preparation

Mobile home exterior doors are barriers against unwanted visitors and the elements throughout the year. A well-installed exterior door should shield your home from moisture during rainfall. Sealing any wet spots near your front or storm door as soon as possible is essential.

Moreover, your storm door should help protect against rain and high winds. However, gaps or cracks in your door frame can undermine this protection, potentially leading to further damage. You may need to reinstall your door and/or frame if severe weather damage occurs. Professional contractors can often complete this task in a day or less.

3. Painting Your Exterior Door for Added Value

The color of your mobile home’s front door can significantly impact the home’s overall value. Black is considered the best color for adding value, but other bright tones that harmonize with your home’s facade can also enhance its worth. However, if you live in a manufactured home community, obtaining permission from your park manager for any exterior cosmetic changes is crucial, as well as checking if there are outdoor painting policies.

4. Patio Exterior Doors for Added Value

Many mobile homeowners in 2022 have expanded their living spaces by adding patios and decks to their homes. These outdoor spaces provide excellent entertainment areas and boost the home’s value and curb appeal. If you’re considering adding a patio, deck, or back porch to your mobile home, consider the need for an exterior door. Whether you opt for a sliding glass door or French doors, having a sturdy mobile home exterior door near your new patio is essential for creating an impressive outdoor entertainment space.

5. Enhancing Front Door and Mobile Home Security

Ensuring the security of your mobile home is paramount. Here are some useful tips:

  • Change Your Locks: If you’ve recently moved into your mobile home or want to enhance security, consider changing your door locks. This is often a straightforward DIY project, with many door knobs coming with detailed instructions. However, if you rent your home or live in a land-lease community, ask permission from management before changing locks.
  • Strengthen Your Screws: Replacing the short screws on your doorframe or trim plate with longer ones, typically around two inches, can reinforce the door’s hardware against impact. Always verify with your community guidelines whether you can make such hardware changes.
  • Install a “Smart” Doorbell: While not directly related to your door, a smart doorbell enhances your home’s security. It provides a live feed of your front porch on demand, helping you monitor package deliveries, early-morning visitors, or potential intruders. Some models send alerts when someone approaches your front door, offering valuable digital-age surveillance. Smart doorbell systems typically start at around $100, with premium options including features like technician support and installation.

Investing in the right exterior door, maintaining it seasonally, and adding thoughtful touches like paint can elevate your mobile home’s curb appeal, value, and functionality. With these secrets, you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions about your mobile home’s exterior, ensuring it stands out and welcomes visitors confidently.