Living in a mobile home or trailer probably doesn’t always have a positive connotation among the wealthiest class. But, that perception apparently didn’t stop “Shark Tank” businesswoman and real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran from buying a double-wide trailer in Los Angeles.

She recently showed off her mobile home to TikTok star Caleb Simpson in a video tour. Corcoran previously walked the TikTok star through her Manhattan apartment about a year ago, which she also owns.

The Pacific Palisades trailer cost Corcoran $800,000 and she said she put another $150,000 into it.

For comparison, the average price of a new double-wide trailer in the U.S. costs between $120,000 to $160,000, which includes delivery, per HomeGuide. So, yes: Corcoran’s cost more than many mobile homes.

During this tour, Corcoran told Simpson, “Here’s my Taj Mahal — everything’s little.” The interior offers a light, airy, and sophisticated feel, boasting an open-concept boho aesthetic. The unit features two and a half bedrooms and two baths. Outside, there is a sizable patio large enough for some lounge chairs, as well as a dining table and chairs that could seat eight.

How did Corcoran get this premium trailer? She knew about the park and loved the views from it, so she knocked on the owner’s door and asked her to sell.

The owner told Corcoran she wasn’t interested in selling right now. “I’ll sell in a year,” she told the businesswoman. Corcoran then convinced the owner to sell right away by promising that she could use the unit when she pleased for the rest of her life — a difficult deal to refuse.

In reflection, Simpson said, “I think I like this more than the New York City home.” Corcoran replied, “So do I.” It’s clear that Corcoran fell in love with her double-wide and was willing to pay top dollar for the chic accommodations, renovations, and million-dollar view.